Wednesday, September 23, 2009

For all you animal lovers!

This is our dog, Lexus (and yes, the poor puppy is wearing one of my husband's tank tops!). She is like a member of the family, and I want to make sure she stays healthy & is with us as long as possible. We take her for walks and feed her the type of food she needs. She has regular vet check- ups and is probably the most spoiled dog I've ever seen! :-) But I never thought about the way toxic chemicals in the home might affect her. Check this out...

"Everybody knows that household cleaning supplies can be toxic to adults and children, but few take precautions to protect their pets from common agents such as bleaches, detergents and disinfectants. Last year, the ASPCA received more than 3,200 calls related to household cleaners. These products, when inhaled by our furry friends, can cause serious gastrointestinal distress and irritation to the respiratory tract." (source:

How scary--especially when you think about how often animals lick every surface they can reach...tables, chairs, the floor...and how many chemicals may be on those surfaces from the cleaners & disinfectants we use!


  1. I had heard something about this a while back with the swiffer mops. We have gone totally chemical free using Norwex and love it. Our house doesn't "smell" clean but hey, clean shouldn't smell. We are all healthier for it.

  2. I checked out the swiffer poison thing online w/ snopes, and it says it isn't true. But the Animal Poison Control Center lists household cleaners in the top 10 poisons for pets, so I'd rather be safe then sorry!