Friday, October 9, 2009

Who have you hugged today?

Found this on a medical it!



• Feels good.

• Dispels loneliness.

• Overcomes fears.

• Opens doors to feelings.

• Builds self-esteem; (“Wow! She actually wants to hug me!”).

• Fosters altruism; (“I can’t believe it, but I actually want to hug that old son-of-agun!”).

• Slows down aging; huggers stay younger longer.

• Helps curb appetite; we eat less when we are nourished by hugs—and when our arms are

busy wrapped around others.

• Eases tension.

• Fights insomnia.

• Keeps arm and shoulder muscles in condition.

• Provides stretching exercise if you are short.

• Provides stooping exercise if you are tall.

• Offers a wholesome alternative to promiscuity.

• Offers a healthy, safe alternative to alcohol and other drug abuse (better hugs than drugs!).

• Affirms physical being.

• Is democratic; anyone is eligible for a hug.

• Is ecologically sound.

• Is energy-efficient; saves heat.

• Is portable.

• Requires no special equipment.

• Demands no special setting; anyplace from a doorstep to an executive conference room,

from a church parlor to a football field, is a fine place for a hug!

• Makes happy days happier.

• Makes impossible days possible.

• Imparts feeling of belonging.

• Fills up empty places in our lives.

• Keeps on working to dispense benefits even after the hug’s release.

(Source: The Hug Therapy Book by Kathleen Keating)

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